Have you ever felt like your home insurance doesn’t cover anything? It’s not because it’s not enough — it’s because there’s just so much that it doesn’t. Home insurance covers things that are normal, expected and necessary — but it also covers some things that are a little more unexpected. Check out these weird things that your home insurance might cover.

Animals as Property

You might be surprised to learn that home insurance covers animals as property. This means that if you have a dog and they bite someone, your homeowner’s policy would cover the injuries. Additionally, if you have an animal and it gets lost or killed, this would also be covered by your homeowners insurance.


A burglary is one of the most frightening things that could happen to someone. But if you live in a building with an on-site concierge, you’re covered. Your insurance will cover the cost of damages from burglaries from thieves who break into your home.

Collapsible Skateboard

You can buy a collapsible skateboard on Amazon for $15. It unassembles and folds up, so you can use it as a regular skateboard or put it away when you’re not using it. That’s not the weird part. What’s weird is that your home insurance might cover this. You might be surprised to find out that these things are usually covered: – Sports equipment (such as ski poles) – Solar panels – A sewing machine – A full set of cutlery

Helicopter Replacement

If you’ve ever seen a TV show where someone has to be rescued from the top of a mountain, you know that it can be a lot more dangerous than simply driving up in a car. That’s why some home insurance policies will replace your helicopter if there’s an emergency situation.

Tourist in the Middle of the Night

A neighbor of one homeowner decided to have a bit of fun and break into their house while they were away. The neighbor stayed and enjoyed the space, lingering in front of the TV and eating food. When the homeowners returned they found French doors open, curtains drawn, lights on and all their belongings still there — but with a twist. They also found that their home was filled with the scent of a steak dinner cooking in the oven. The smell was coming from a dinner placed in the oven that had been left on by an intruder who broke in while they were out. The homeowners contacted their insurance company who paid for all damages to their home, as well as an additional $1000 as a ‘home invasion’ payment.

Weirdest Claim: Balloon Festival

You may laugh at the idea of a balloon festival ruining your home, but it’s not unheard of. A family in Ohio was once compensated for damages caused by a balloon festival. The family lost their roof when winds from the balloon festival lifted up the roof and let all their shingles go flying off. Talk about an insurance bummer!

Final Words: What Home Insurance Covers and Doesn’t Cover

The weirdest thing that home insurance covers is when something you throw away gets stuck in the ductwork. In this case, the insurance would cover the costs to remove the object and repair any damage done to your ductwork. So make sure that you dispose of those things properly! Home insurance also covers a fire hydrant that becomes loose or moves because it was hit by a car. The company will pay for damages caused by the hydrant and replace it if necessary. Another weird thing that home insurance covers is damages to trees on your property. If one of these trees falls on your house, then your home insurer will help remove it and send someone out to inspect the tree for any other potential dangers.